Marcus Whitman
 Marcus Whitman, Cayuse Indians, Medicine Man, Rendezvous

Marcus Whitman

Born: September 4, 1802 in Rushville, New York
Died: November 29, 1847 at the Waiilatpu Mission in northern Oregon

     Marcus Whitman was a physician and Protestant missionary.  Marcus Whitman was responsible for the removal of the arrowhead from the shoulder of Jim Bridger at the 1835 mountain rendezvous

     Marcus Whitman 's wife, Narcissa was the first American woman to cross overland to Oregon.     In 1836, Marcus Whitman established their mission near the Walla Walla River and started to provide education, medical assistance and conversion to the Cayuse Indians

    The measles epidemic of 1847 was responsible for wiping out 50% of one band of the Cayuse Indians

     The Cayuse Indians were outraged and following their belief that the medicine man should die if he lost patients, The Cayuse Indians killed the Marcus Whitman 's         

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