John Sutter, Sutters Fort
 John Sutter, Sutters Fort

John Sutter 

Born: February 15, 1803 in Baden, Germany
Died: June 16, 1880 in Lititz, Pennsylvania

     John Sutter was a merchant, farmer, rancher, and entrepreneur.  John Sutter moved to California in 1839

     Convincing the Mexican governor after long negotiations, John Sutter was granted 50,000 acres of land.    John Sutter settled in a central valley east of San Francisco close to the Sacramento and American rivers

    From here John Sutter developed New Helvetia or what became better known as Sutter 's Fort.     John Sutter joined partnerships with James W. Marshall in 1847.  John Sutter believed he was well on the way to being a rich man

    James W. Marshall discovered gold on January 24, 1848 while checking the race at the mill.   The mill was located approximately 50 miles northeast of Sutter 's Fort

    The discovery of gold led to the absolute demise of John Sutter 's emerging empire.   Gold mining squatters overwhelmed his lands 

     The Mexican war ended and the grants proved worthless as any claim to gold producing properties.      

     John Sutter lost through harsh reality his new empire

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