Leland Stanford, Gold Spike, Promontory Utah   
 Leland Stanford, Gold Spike, Promontory Utah  

Leland Stanford

Born: March 9, 1824 in Watervliet, New York
Died: 1893, Palo Alto, California

     Leland Stanford was a merchant, lawyer, and politician.     Leland Stanford moved to California in 1852 with gold fever.   Leland Stanford succeeded in making a fortune selling supplies to the California gold miners

     In 1861, Leland Stanford became governor of California and in the same year bought stock in the Central Pacific Railroad

     The big four investors of the Central Pacific Railroad in 1863 were Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins and Charles Crocker and President Leland Stanford

    On May 10, 1869 at Promontory, Utah, Leland Stanford hit the golden spike to join the Transcontinental Railroad. Much to his chagrin Leland Stanford missed the spike with his sledge hammer on the first attempt

     Leland Stanford 's  talent was in high demand as the President for the Southern Pacific Railroad for five years

     In 1885 Leland Stanford founded Stanford University

     Leland Stanford  was elected to the United States Senate which Leland Stanford held until his death

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