Red Cloud, Bozeman Trail
 Red Cloud, Bozeman Trail

Red Cloud

Born: 1822 around the North Platte River, Nebraska Territory
Died: 1909 at Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

    Red Cloud was an Oglala Sioux warrior who became a Chief Red Cloud.    In the 1860's  Red Cloud fought the existence of the Bozeman Trail

    The Bozeman Trail ran from Fort Laramie to the Montana gold fields.    Red Cloud used hit and run tactics successfully against the invaders of his home land

     One of the greatest victories won by Red Cloud for his people was when the Treaty of 1868 ordered the forts dismantled and the Bozeman Trail abandoned

    Red Cloud was then moved to Red Cloud Agency, Nebraska.     Later the U.S. government pushed Red Cloud to the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

     Several trips to Washington were made by Red Cloud attempting negotiations for Indians

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