Pikes Peak, Zebulon Pike
 Pikes Peak, Zebulon Pike 

Zebulon Pike

Born: January 5, 1779  in New Jersey near Lamberton and Trenton
Died: April 12, 1813 during the Battle of York, Toronto, Canada

    Zebulon Pike lived the life of a military  man and explorer.    Zebulon Pike was assigned the duty of exploring the source of the Mississippi River in 1805

     Zebulon Pike received the assignment  to find the headwaters of the Red and Arkansas Rivers in 1806

     Zebulon Pike 's claim to history is the discovery of the peak in Colorado that bears his name Pikes Peak.  Zebulon Pike never reached the summit but in those days just finding the mountain was enough

   Arrested by the Spanish Zebulon Pike was accused of trespassing and during the trip as a prisoner, Zebulon Pike was able to see more country on the way to Chihuahua for questioning 

     Released from prison Zebulon Pike in 1807 and returned to the U.S. with bountiful information about our frontiers   

    Zebulon Pike 's memory gave critical insights reflecting the New Mexico Territory to the United States government

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