Nathan Meeker
 Nathan Meeker, Indian Agent, Union Colony

Nathan Meeker

Born: July 12, 1817 in Euclid, Ohio
Died: September 1879 in northwestern Colorado at the White River Ute Agency

    Nathan Meeker shined as a newspaper writer he was also an Indian agent.   Nathan Meeker brain stormed the idea to established the Union Colony, a cooperative farming community

    The backing for Nathan Meeker 's Union Colony came from Horace Greeley the Union Colony was a huge success

    In 1878, Nathan Meeker was appointed Indian Agent on the White River Ute Reservation.    Sadly incapable of being an Indian Agent or dealing with Indian people he undeservingly got the job

    Well that Indian Agent Nathan Meeker pushed and pressured the Indians into hard work.   When the orders of Indian Agent Nathan Meeker were not followed to the Tee he adopted a policy of no work no food 

       By 1879 the Indians were already striped of their dignity.  They were living Deprived of their way of existence with a hovering dark shadow over any viable meaning of life.  The Indians got real hungry.    They rebelled in 1879 on that White River Ute Reservation 

    The Nathan Meeker Massacre in which Indian Agent Nathan Meeker and all of his staff were killed was a gruesome event hard to imagine.   This should have displayed a hard lesson to us all   

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