Collis Huntington, Southern Pacific Railroad, Rail road
 Collis Huntington, Southern Pacific Railroad, Rail road

Collis Huntington

Born: October 22, 1821 in Harwinton, Connecticut
Died: 1900 in New York

     Collis Huntington was a merchant, philanthropist, and founding partner of the Central Pacific Rail road  

     Mark Hopkins became partners with Collis Huntington in a hardware business in California during the gold rush

     Collis Huntington played the principal character acquiring federal grant assistance, loans and land grants for the Central Pacific Rail road's part of the Transcontinental Rail road

     Collis Huntington Also founded the Southern Pacific Rail road

     Substantial contributions to Tuskeegee and Hampton Institutes were given by Collis Huntington

      Upon his death Collis Huntington 's entire art collection was left to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

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