Geronimo, Mimbreno, Apache Indian, Fort Sill
 Geronimo, Mimbreno, Apache Indian, Fort Sill


Born: 1829 or 1834 in the  region of  Janos River in Mexico
Died: February 17, 1909 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma

     A Mimbreno Apache Indian known as Goyathlay, Geronimo revenged the killing of his family by the Mexicans. This started a long trail of blood and made famous the warning cry Geronimo is on the war path

     Geronimo was a Apache Indian warrior who followed Mangas Colorado and Cochise with raiding parties.   During the Apache Indian wars, Geronimo became a leader of the Chiricahua Apache Indians

     Geronimo fled the reservation with his Apache Indian war party on numerous occasions.    In  his absence from the reservation Geronimo carried on his personal guerilla warfare against the white settlers with a small war party of Chiricahua Apache Indians

     Geronimo was worn down by the Cavalry after years of skillful fighting.   The Surrender of Geronimo regretfully took place in 1886

     Soon to experience a fate worse than death to a Chiricahua Apache Indian, Geronimo was cruelly transported to Florida as a prisoner of war 

     In 1894 Geronimo and band of Chiricahua Apache Indians were moved to Fort Sill,  Oklahoma

     Geronimo remained  a conquered prisoner of war deprived of freedom and the meaning of  life till his death

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