Greenville Mullen Dodge, Union Pacific Rail road
 Greenville Mullen Dodge, Union Pacific Rail road

Grenville Mullen Dodge

Born: 1831 in Massachusetts

Died: 1916

    Greenville Mullen Dodge was a military man in the Civil War.    Greenville Mullen Dodge did western plains, surveying and was an expert chief engineer. General Grenville Mullen Dodge will always be remembered as the driving force in the building of the Union Pacific Railroad portion of the Transcontinental Railroad

    Thomas Durant, president of the Union Pacific hired Greenville Mullen Dodge and gave him all of the power on the road. Greenville Mullen Dodge hired tough Irishmen and with strict discipline, encouraged competition between the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad companies and workers

    By 1860, Greenville Mullen Dodge had surveyed the Transcontinental Railroad route from Omaha through the Platte valley, over the Rockies to the Salt Lake. Later in 1861 Theodore Judah would finish the survey over the Sierras

    In 1869,Greenville Mullen Dodge was appointed head of the Union Pacific's land department. Dodge City, Kansas is named after Greenville Mullen Dodge

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