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Butch Cassidy, Train Robber, Sundance Kid, Wild Bunch

Butch Cassidy Robert Leroy Parker

Born: 1866 in Beaver, Utah
Died: unknown

     Butch Cassidy was a infamous horse thief, cattle rustler, bank robber and train robber.   Butch Cassidy was associated with the Sundance Kid, and organized the Wild Bunch

     The wild bunch were good train robbers.  Train robbers made a good living till the railroads learned how to stop the train robbers with their special detectives   
     Butch Cassidy spent time in Wyoming State Penitentiary but was never known to have killed a man

    Two stories exist of  the Butch Cassidy death: one that   Butch Cassidy died in a gun battle with Bolivia troops.  The second has Butch Cassidy according to the family returning to the states and living anonymously for years

    This second story has Butch Cassidy dying in Spokane, Washington in 1937

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