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Jim Bowie Frontiersman Bowie Knife Alamo

Jim Bowie James Bowie

Born: 1795 in Georgia
Died: March 6, 1836 at the Alamo near San Antonio, Texas

   Jim Bowie was a striking bold and adventuresome, Bowie knife wielding, fighter.   Jim Bowie was an aggressive frontiersman that lived most of his life in Louisiana.    Jim Bowie had a  bountiful passion for dealing in land speculation

   Jim Bowie was  famous for his long knife that was named after him.    The Bowie Knife is a master piece by design not out done yet today.  The Bowie Knife is one of the most aggressive fighting knives ever designed

   The Bowie Knife is not necessarily a knife fighters first choice because of its size.   You ask any skilled knife fighter with their favorite knife in hand how they feel about fighting a bowie knife and its time to get a gun or run.   The bowie Knife in skilled powerful hands is a mean tool made win         

    Jim Bowie moved to Texas in 1828 and married the governor of the province of Texas' daughter.  Establishing his home and family, his roots were buried in Texas

    The call to Jim Bowie to protect his home land rang out clear and Jim Bowie joined the fight against Santa Anna for the independence of Texas from Mexico and was the commander of the volunteers at the Alamo

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