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Benjamin Bonneville

Benjamin Bonneville

Born: April 14, 1796 in Paris, France

Died: 1878 at Fort Smith, Arkansas

    Benjamin Bonneville was an explorer and military man, Benjamin Bonneville moved to the United States in 1803, attended West Point military school and was assigned to Fort Smith in the Arkansas Territory in 1821

    Discrepancies are written about why but in 1832, Benjamin Bonneville took a leave of absence from the military and led an 110 men expedition into Wyoming Territory, funded partially by John Jacob Astor supposedly to trap and trade

    The trapping expedition for furs went poorly but the expedition to explore new territory went great.    Benjamin Bonneville built a trading post on the Green River, the Walker expedition took Benjamin Bonneville to California as well as two trips to the Columbia River in Oregon Territory 

    Benjamin Bonneville journals were published by Washington Irving. Benjamin Bonneville Returned to active duty in the Army in 1835.  Benjamin Bonneville fought in the Mexican War and became a lieutenant colonel. In the 1850's Benjamin Bonneville received a command of a post in the Oregon Territory and was also active in the Civil War

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