Wild Bunch, Outlaws
Wild Bunch, Outlaws, Hole in the Wall, Union Pacific Railroad

Wild Bunch, Outlaws

     Wild Bunch outlaws thrived during a period of five years from 1896 through 1901.  The gang was a group of usually ten or so outlaws banded together.    Wild Bunch outlaws worked out of the Hole in the Wall located in the southern Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming

     Brown's Hole located in a desolate valley near the Wyoming, Colorado and Utah border was a second home for the Wild Bunch outlaws .   In the winter Wild Bunch outlaws other 's worked out of Robber's Roost located in the desert of southeastern Utah a famous outlaw winter resort

     The membership was loose and varied considerably from time to time the leadership was controlled by Robert Leroy Parker, forever known as Butch Cassidy and his sidekick, Harry Longbaugh, better known as the Sundance Kid 

     Wild Bunch outlaws enjoyed withdrawing from banks, collecting mine payrolls, best of all loved taking donations from Union Pacific Railroad trains 

     A Pinkerton man once infiltrated Wild Bunch outlaws calling himself Charles Carter.  After foiling several railroad robberies by notifying the Union Pacific Railroad to change the train schedule, Carter vanished

     Detective Charles Siringo became a constant shadow for four years hounding Wild Bunch outlaws from Wyoming to Arkansas

     Wild Bunch outlaws turned their attention to trains during this period of time much to the dismay of the Union Pacific Railroad.   The infamous train robbery portrayed in the movie, The Great Train Robbery, occurred on June 2, 1899 near Wilcox, Wyoming when Wild Bunch outlaws flagged down the Union Pacific Railroad 's Overland Limited.  Wild Bunch outlaws detached the express car and dynamited it WIDE open

     The guard survived the outlaws dynamiting the car but declined requests to open the safe.    Finally in desperation the Wild Bunch outlaws dynamited the safe and blew money all over the landscape

     Wild Bunch outlaws escaped with thirty thousand dollars.     The sight of  those outlaws scrambling for green backs was one told of great humor years later

     Three more train robberies were pulled off by Wild Bunch outlaws.   One involved the Union Pacific Railroad at Tipton, Wyoming.   The last known great escapade of  Wild Bunch outlaws was near Malta, Montana taking a donation from the  Great Northern Railroad from which they escaped with $40,500

     The Union Pacific Railroad organized a high speed train with good professional gunmen packing high powered rifles.   These Gunmen were outfitted with the finest horses carried in stock cars.  These boys meant to get up close and personal with the Wild Bunch outlaws dead or alive

     The high speed Union Pacific Railroad chase train was cruising on hunches and putting out bait.   Riding their tracks and close on the heels of Wild Bunch outlaws the high speed Union Pacific Railroad chase train got too close two many times

     With the last known holdup at Malta the Wild Bunch outlaws dispersed with Cassidy and Sundance leaving for South America

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