James Gang
James Gang, Stagecoach Robberies,Quantrills Raiders, Cole Younger

James Gang

     James Gang Originally formed around 1866, with its leaders being, Frank James, Jesse James, and Cole Younger.     From 1866 to 1881, the James Gang knew a fairly active life.     James Gang  members averaged around twelve men, formerly members of Quantrills Guerillas

      James Gang carried out stagecoach robberies with elaborate escape routes and knew the area, the lawmen and the communities.   The Missouri southern sympathizers regularly sheltered from the long arm of the law the James Gang.   It is thought because of there affiliation with Quantrills Guerillas

     Wearing long prairie duster coats, the James Gang would slowly arrive to the town of choice.      Drifting in by ones and twos casually looking up and down the street.    When all the scouting was done and the time was right they would ad more bank robberies to there list of accomplishments

     Banks were a specialty of the James Gang but they clearly loved stagecoach robberies and train robberies as well.   Over the course of time, the James Gang was accredited with at least 10 bank robberies, 7 railroad train robberies and 4 stagecoach robberies 

     The James Gang loved to travel as they roamed Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, and Alabama with their  miraculous escapades drawing experience from Quantrills Guerillas training  

      It was at Northfield, Minnesota in 1876 that a robbery at the First National Bank went sour with three of the James Gang dying in an onslaught of gun fire.   The bullets came from all sides every James Gang member was being wounded

     The three Younger brothers were caught after a gun battle with a western posse and  received life sentences

     Wounded the James brothers escaped into Dakota territory.    From 1876 till 1879, what was left of the gang generally dispersed with Frank James and Jesse James doing some prospecting in Colorado and mainly staying undercover and out of sight living in Kentucky

     Although the James Gang emerged again in 1879, it wasn't the same as in the heyday years of 1866 to 1876.   The last known stagecoach robberies occurred around September 1881

     Seven months after these stagecoach robberies Bob Ford sneak murdered Jesse James on April 3, 1882

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