Abbott Downing Company, Stagecoach, Concord Coach         Abbott and Downing Company
Abbott Downing Company, Stagecoach, Concord Coach

Abbot and Downing; Abbot, Downing & Company; Abbot Downing Company

      The original company of J. S. Abbot and Lewis Downing formed in 1826 and lasting until 1847 was named the Abbot Downing Company

      Abbot Downing Company was known the world over for its Concord Stagecoach but actually it manufactured over 40 different types of carriages and wagons at the wagon factory in Concord, New Hampshire

     Abbot Downing Company was best known for its western market in the United States, the Abbot Downing Company stagecoach sold throughout South America, Australia and Africa 

     The first Concord stagecoach was built in 1827.   Mark Twain once stated the Concord Stagecoach was like a cradle on wheels. Abbot Downing Company employed thoroughbraces under their stagecoaches which gave the  ride of the stagecoaches a swinging motion instead of the jolting up and down of spring suspension

     The Concord Stagecoaches were built as solid as the Abbot Downing Company reputation and became known that they didn't break down but just wore out

     Over 700 Concord stagecoaches were built by the original Abbot Downing Company before it disbanded in 1847

     Abbot formed a partnership with his son and thrived with J. S. and E. A. Abbot and Company until 1865 as well as Lewis Downing and his two sons forming Lewis Downing and Sons about the same time

     With the retirement of Lewis Downing in 1865, his two sons merged again with the Abbot company becoming known as Abbot Downing & Company. Once again the brilliance of the two families was under one company

     A name change in 1873 with incorporation saw the firm renamed as Abbot-Downing Company. From 1847 through 1899 the various company names saw a production of three thousand Concord coaches

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