U.S. Cavalry, Indians
U.S.Cavalry, Indians

     U.S. Cavalry, Indians were from two walks of life and two very culturally different nations.  Broken treaties and misunderstandings led to a period of western history that had its share of heroes and villains on both sides.  Indian Battles


Chief Joseph   Indian Chief of the Lower Nez Perces

Cochise  Chiricahua Apache Indian Tribe Chief

Crazy Horse  Oglala Sioux Indian Tribe Chief

Geronimo  Mimbreno Apache Indian Tribe Chief

Red Cloud   Oglala Sioux Warrior Indian Tribe Chief

Sacajawea  Born Shoshone Indian, Kidnapped By Minnetares Indians and Hidatsa Indians

Sitting Bull  a Sioux Indian nominated to be a Hunkpapa Indian Chief

Wovoka Jack Wilson  A  Paiute Mystic Indian

         Cavalry that invaded the West?

Benjamin Bonneville  Graduate West Point Cavalry Career Officer

William Frederick Cody   Cavalry Army Scout

George Armstrong Custer  Cavalry Officer 7th Cavalry Regiment, Indian Territories

Nathan Meeker    Indian Agent on the White River Ute Indian Reservation

Zebulon Pike   Founder Pikes Peak Military Man and Explorer

Isaac Stevens  Congressman for fair Indian treaties and reining in the brutal Cavalry

Marcus Whitman   Physician, Protestant, Missionary caring for the Indians 

          Other notables: 

Army Scouts

Buffalo Hunters   Indians Hunted Buffalo Numbering 60 Million

Forts  Indians Hated the Symbolism of Forts the Cavalry called them Home

Lewis and Clark Expedition  was Guided by a Shoshone Indian named Sacajawea

Mule Skinners and Freight Wagons  The Heavy Freighters of the West

Santa Anna   Remember The Alamo

Steamboats   Along the muddy Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers

Trading Posts   The Center of Commerce for Pioneers, settlers, trappers, cavalry And Indians  

         Cavalry, Indian Battles:

Battle of the Little Big Horn  Fifteen Thousand Indians destroy George Armstrong Custer 

Wounded Knee Massacre  Cavalry Hotchkiss guns raining fragmentation shells at a combined rate of 200 or more rounds a minute.  Killed 300 unarmed Indians 

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