Western Trails, Mountain Passes, Forts
Western Trails, Mountain Passes, Forts, Indian village

     Trails, Mountain Passes, Forts,  The key to survival in the west was knowing the right trail, whether snow had closed the mountain pass or if the fort had food and supplies

Alamo the cradle of Texas Liberty

Frontier Forts  along western trails provided protection in the American West. Military posts, supply camps, barracks, and civilian trading posts located along western trails were often all termed forts  

Hole in the Wall   located in the southern Big Horn Mountains where western trails and mountain passes concealed such notorious outlaws as Laughing Sam Carey, Black Jack Ketchum and Butch Cassidy

Trading Posts   provided a safe haven offering supplies and information along western trails.  Often this was the only information for conditions or directions along western trails and mountain passes

Yellowstone Park was formed by an act of Congress.  Its western trails and mountain passes lead to geysers and boiling mud holes frequented by bountiful wild life adorning every view

Lewis and Clark Expedition  traveled through water ways, western trails and high mountain passes.   The recorded recollections of this journey led to the great expansion of the United States into the West

Little Big Horn also known as Custer's Last Stand took place on June 25,1876  

Wounded Knee Massacre  Early in the morning on the 29th of December 1890, four Hotchkiss guns were aimed on the Indian village.  The Wounded Knee Massacre was to make its mark on history

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