Stage Coach Lines, Pony Express

Stagecoach Pony Express Stage Coach Pony Express Rider

Stagecoach Pony Express Stage Coach Pony Express Rider

     Stage Coach Lines, Pony Express Riders  The coveted prize of the government mail contract instigated development of the Pony Express and Stage Coach Lines in the American West.  Hauling passengers, mail and freight, the stagecoaches traveled through treacherous terrain and braved the weather. The Pony Express used relay teams of young Pony Express Riders braving the dangers of the American West alone

         Stagecoach Lines and the owners :

Butterfield Overland Dispatch   Stage Coach Line Owned by David Butterfield and Wells Fargo Ran From Missouri to Denver.  Wells Fargo Owned other Stagecoach Routes as well. The Pony Express  Routes Were Close to  Many Stagecoach Routes 

Butterfield Overland Stage Company   This Stage Coach Line Employed Over 800 men.   The Stage Coach Line Had 139 Relay Stations, 1800 Head of Stock and 250 Concord Stagecoaches in Service at One Time Along the Stagecoach Route

Ben Holladay   An Enterprising Stage Coach Line Creator Who Became known as the Stagecoach King

Holladay Overland Mail and Express Company   A Stage Coach Line Covering  2,670 miles.  It May Well Have Been the Most Profitable Stagecoach Route in the west  

Leavenworth and Pike's Peak Express Company   This Stage Coach Line Operated over 687 Miles From Leavenworth, Kansas to Denver.  The Stage Coach Line of  Central Overland California From St. Joseph to Salt Lake City Was Purchased Enhancing the Growth of this Stagecoach Route 

Wells, Fargo and Company   Owned No Stage Coach Lines.  Wells Fargo Only Rented Space From Other Stage Coach Lines Having No Stagecoaches of its Own.   This changed when Wells, Fargo Bought the Pioneer Stage Coach Line and later took control of the Butterfield Overland Stage Coach Line.   By 1863 Wells Fargo and Company Had 180 Depots Along its  Stagecoach Routes

Yellowstone Park   By 1886, the Park Stage Coach Line Had a Fleet of Sightseeing Vehicles. The Yellowstone Stagecoach Route Sported Beautifully  Painted Bright Yellow Concord Stagecoaches.  The Yellowstone Stagecoach was of a touring design made especially for the Yellow Stone Park.  The Yellowstone Stagecoach was Manufactured by Abbot-Downing Company of Concord, New Hampshire 

     Stagecoach Line Drivers :

William Frederick Cody (Buffalo Bill)  Drove Stagecoach and Rode Shot Gun.   Later He Drove His Own Wild West Show Concord Stagecoach.  This Stagecoach was the Original Black Hills Dead Wood Stagecoach

Henry James Monk (Hank Monk)   Stagecoach Driver for Wells, Fargo Stage Coach Lines From Sacramento, California and Virginia City, Nevada 

Charlie Parkhurst (Charley)   Stagecoach Driver for Many California Stage Coach Lines in the 1850's and 60's.  Charley had a Secret

    Trailblazers :

Jim Bridger    Mapped Out  New Trails for  the Central Overland and Leavenworth Pike's Peak Express Company Stage Coach Lines Out of Denver Colorado 

     Stage Coach, Wagon and Carriage Builders :

Abbot and Downing   Manufactured Over 40 Different Types of Stagecoach, Wagons and Carriages at the Factory in Concord, New Hampshire

J. Stephens Abbot   Built Coaches for the Stagecoach Lines.  The greatest Stagecoach Design Achievement Being the Development of the Concord Stagecoach  

Celerity Wagons    the Choice of  Stage Coach Lines for Branch Routes or Mountainous Roads  

Concord Stagecoach    Dominated the American West.    Stage Coach Lines in Australia and Africa prized the Concord Stagecoach 

Lewis Downing    Expert Wheelwright, Partner and Designer of the Concord Stagecoach Prized by Stage Coach Lines around the World  

Yellowstone Coaches   used by the Yellowstone Park Stage Coach Lines until 1917 

     Writers about Stagecoach journeys :

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)   Writes about Traveling the American West by Stagecoach and River Boat

Horace Greeley    Traveled by  Stagecoach, Writes About Many Hair Raising Experiences 

Stagecoach Support Occupations :

Mule Skinners    Drove the Mules on Heavy Wagons, Stage Coach Lines often used Mules to pull Stagecoach or Celerity Wagons Over The Stage Coach Line in Rough Terrain.  The Mules Were handled by a Stagecoach Driver 

Stagecoach Line Drivers    Wyatt Earp, William Cody, James Butler Hick, Charley Parkhurst and Henry Monk Drove Stagecoach Team of Six Horses

Wagon, Carriage Wheelwrights   Were Employed by the Stage Coach Lines and by the Pony Express to Keep the Pony Express Riders Horses Shoed 

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