Western Railroads
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Western Railroads

     Western railroads expanding the West connected a continent when all the investors saw were worthless sage brush, insurmountable mountains and a few scattered settlers.   The building of the transcontinental western railroads brought together California with the rest of the nation was the largest single western railroad expansion.   With two small ribbons of steel, the Union Pacific and Central Pacific western railroads brought commerce and a population of immigrants to a nation. Western railroads brought tremendous wealth to such men as Collis Huntington and Thomas Durant through less than honorable means. Theodore Judah and Greenville Dodge were proof that the western railroads created and destroyed men's dreams. Later the Southern Pacific and the Northern Pacific western railroads would further capitalize on that dream

      Transcontinental Western Railroad Promoters :

Horace Greeley   Transcontinental Western Railroads, New Yorker, New York Tribune

     Surveyors and trailblazers were the men who made the western railroad builders dreams on paper a reality across the land.

Jim Bridger   Explored Western Railroads Routes to Build the Union Pacific Western Railroad Through the Mountains to the Coast 

General Greenville Dodge  Union Pacific Railroad Promoter of   Transcontinental Western Railroads

Theodore Judah   Engineered the Niagara Gorge Railroad, Eastern Railroad Construction, Sacramento Valley Railroad, Transcontinental Pacific Western Railroads

Isaac Stevens   Military man and politician, Western Railroads Surveyor.   Isaac Stevens headed the surveying party in search of the Transcontinental Western Railroads Route  

Buffalo Hunters   Supplied Western Railroads Construction Crews with Buffalo Meat 

Mule Skinner   Hauled Supplies and Men to Western Railroads Construction Crews

Riverboats   Hauled Supplies up the Rivers to Western Railroads Construction Crews

    The Big Four of the Central Pacific Railroad were giants in the transportation world of western railroads.

Collis Huntington  Central Pacific Western Railroads Founder Promoter. This Western Railroad was Part of the Transcontinental Western Railroads. Collis Huntington also founded the Southern Pacific Railroad 

Mark Hopkins   Western Railroad Building creative pencil pushing abilities are credited for The Central Pacific Railroads Completion.   The Central Pacific Railroad Joining with The Union Pacific Railroad  Formed The Transcontinental Western Railroads  

Leland Stanford   At Promontory, Utah, hit the golden spike to join the Transcontinental Western Railroads. Leland Stanford was president of the Southern Pacific Railroad for five years 

Charles Crocker   Central Pacific Railroad Construction Chief. President of the Contract and Finance Company, the Construction Firm of the Central Pacific Railroad.  
Supplied Chinese Labor for Transcontinental Western Railroads. Organizer for Southern Pacific Railroad 


     A new profession began with the arrivals of the western railroad trains in the west who especially catered to Wells Fargo express shipments.

Train robbers  Were hard on Western Railroad Passenger Trains

Wild Bunch   Enjoyed Payrolls Carried by the Western Railroads

James Gang   Western Railroad Gold Shipments were a Favorite 

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