Frontiersmen, Pioneers, Explorers, Trappers 
Explorers, Frontiersman, Pioneers, Frontiersmen, Trappers

    Pioneers Explorers Frontiersmen of the Wild West  They were the first!  Explorers and frontiersmen discovering and exploring vast regions of the west, known only to the Indians.  Leaving civilization behind and traveling where ever the river or next mountain ridge might take them.   Pioneers followed in their footsteps seeking opportunity, conversion of the Indians, and gold

     Frontiersmen :

Daniel Boone   Frontiersman, Pioneer, Surveyor and Explorer of Kentucky

Davy Crockett   Frontiersman, Pioneer, Explorer, Known for His Bear Hunting Abilities

James Bowie  Was an Aggressive Frontiersman, Pioneer and Explorer that Lived Most of His Life in Louisiana. Bowie Knife

     The western exploration  began with a few brave souls courageous momentum moving west and its still building today.

Benjamin Bonneville  Explorer and military man, a Key Player in the Westward Expansion benefiting many Pioneer and Frontiersmen Families

Christopher (Kit) Carson  Daring and Brave Mountain Man, Kit Carson was a Fur Trapper, Explorer, Pioneer, Frontiersmen, Army Scout, and Buffalo Hunter

William Clark   Explorer and geographical expert who co-lead the Lewis and Clark Expedition

John Colter   Pioneer, Frontiersman, Explorer, Fur Trapper, Mountain Man, and Army Scout

John Fremont   Fremont Was an Explorer, Surveyor, Military Man and Politician

Manuel Lisa   Fur Trader, Frontiersman, and Explorer, He Founded the Missouri Fur Company

Meriwether Lewis  Lewis and Clark Expedition, Explorer, Pioneer and Wild West Frontiersman 

Zebulon Pike   Embraced the life of a military  man and explorer

Sacajawea Guided Frontiersmen in Westward Explorations. (Lewis and Clark Expedition)

Jedidiah Smith    Explorations Led to the Discovery of  South Pass a new Route  for Pioneers Wagon Trains

William Sublette  Mountain Man, Fur Trader, Explorer and Frontiersman  Sublette Was a Partner in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company

William Sherley Williams   Mountain Man, Explorer, Frontiersman and Master Fur Trapper known frequently as Old Solitaire or just Old Bill

     Expeditions :

Lewis and Clark Expedition  Frontiersmen, Explorers Called it the Corps of Discovery

     Pioneers came west always searching for opportunity, promotion of causes and the lust for gold.

Martha Jane Canary   Pioneer of the Wild West. Love of Her Life was Wild Bill Hickok 

Elisha Ferry   Frontiersman, Pioneer, Politician and Lawyer

James Butler Hickok  Mule Skinner Freighter, Frontiersman, Pioneer, Explorer, gambler, Professional Gunfighter, Army Scout and Marshal

Calamity Jane   Muleskinner Freighter, Frontiersman, Gunfighter, Pioneers, gambler, Explorer 

Nathan Meeker   Frontiersman, Pioneer, Explorer and Indian Agent, White River Ute Reservation 

Isaac Stevens   Frontiersman, Surveyor, Explorer of  the Transcontinental Railroad Route

Horace Tabor   Frontiersman, Pioneer, Explorer Who Went From a Merchant to a Millionaire Overnight

Marcus Whitman   Pioneer Explorer Frontiersman, Physician and Missionary

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