Mountain Men, Fur Trappers
Mountain Men, Fur Trappers 

     Mountain Men, Fur Trappers in search of beaver and fortunes were brave individuals who for a few minutes in history placed their mark upon the virgin, unexplored and unsettled American West.  A few would also be remembered as explorers who discovered places such as Colter's Hell later renamed as Yellowstone National Park, South Pass and the Great Salt Lake           

Benjamin Bonneville  Explorer, Military Man Educated at West Point, Fur Trapper, Fur Trader among the greatest  Mountain Men

Jim Bridger   Accomplished Fur Trapper, Fur Trader, Army scout among Mountain Men 

Christopher (Kit) Carson  Daring and brave  Fur trapper, Fur Trader, army scout, and buffalo hunter among famous mountain men

John Colter  Farmer, Explorer, Fur Trapper, Fur Trader and Army scout among famous mountain men . He Was Picked for the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Jedidiah Smith   Fur Trader, Fur Trapper and Explorer.   He Joined the  William Ashley's Rocky Mountain Fur Company in 1822 with other famous mountain men

William Sublette  Fur Trader, Fur Trapper and Explorer,  Sublette Was a Partner in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company with other famous mountain men

William Sherley Williams  Master Fur Trapper among Mountain Men and Fur Trader Known Frequently as Old Solitaire or  Old Bill by other Mountain Men

     Fur Traders were entrepreneurs who knew the market value of the beaver pelts and knew the methods of the trading posts and the mountain rendezvous

John Jacob Astor  Fur Trader, Merchant, Friend to Many Mountain Men, Fur Trappers

Manuel Lisa  Fur Trader, and Explorer, He Founded the Missouri Fur Company Doing Fur Trading with hundreds of  Fur Trapping Mountain Men.  Many  Mountain Men Traded Furs with Manuel Lisa

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