Outlaws, gunfighters, Lawmen
Outlaws, Gun Fighters, Lawmen, Gunfighters, Lawman,

     Gun Fighters, Lawmen, Outlaws  A colorful piece of the American West was the gunfighters, lawmen and the outlaws still glamorized today in the movies

     Notorious Gangs :

James Gang  Frank James Notorious Outlaw Gunfighter and Jesse James Outlaw Gunfighter ran the famous James Gang Robbing Banks, Trains and Stagecoaches

Wild Bunch   Gang of Out Law, Gunfighters, Bank and Train Robbers

    Famous Gunfights :

O.K. Corral   Lawmen Morgan, Virgil, Wyatt Earp and Gun Fighter Friend Doc Holliday being on one side and on the other side were Would-be Gunfighters Ike and Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury, Billy Claiborne, and Gunfighter Wes Fuller

    Gun Fighters :

William Bonney   Gunfighter and Vicious Outlaw

John (Doc) Holliday  Friend of Lawmen Gambler Extraordinary and Gunfighter

Billy the Kid   Gunfighter Outlaw with Numerous Aliases

     Hideouts :

Hole in the Wall  Provided refuge for notorious Gunfighters and Outlaw gangs

    Lawmen :

Wyatt Earp  Lawman Gunfighter

Pat Garrett   Famous Lawman Gunfighter

James Butler Hickok  Gunfighter sometimes Lawman

William Barclay Masterson  Buffalo Hunter, Army Scout, Gunfighter, and Lawman Lawman, Gunfighters,

     Occupations :

Buffalo Hunters  Gunfighters,  Lawmen and Outlaws,were Buffalo Hunters

Cattle Rustlers  Lawmen brought Cattle Rustlers to Court.  Cowboy Justice was at the end of a rope at the Closest Hanging Tree

Horse Thieves  and Lawmen. Seldom Make it Past the Closest Hanging Tree

Stagecoach Drivers   and Shot Gun Guards to Discourage Outlaws

Train Robbers  The Trains Were Slow and lawmen scarce

    Outlaws :

Alexander Franklin James  Outlaw Gunfighter from the James Gang

Jesse James   Outlaw Gunfighter from the James Gang

Harry Longbaugh (Sundance Kid)Outlaw Gunfighter from the Wild Bunch

Robert Leroy Parker (Butch Cassidy)Outlaw Gunfighter from the Wild Bunch Gun Fighters,

    Outlaws Victims :

Concord Stagecoach   had Lawmen Riding Shotgun guarding against Outlaws

Union Pacific Railroad  Wooden Mail Cars Often Were Blown Up by Outlaws 

Wells, Fargo and Company  Hired Lawmen Good Gunfighters as Detectives to Catch Outlaws 

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