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     Go West Young Man Go West,   Entrepreneurs, western artists and writers, gold miners, military men, and pioneers, all sought the opportunities of the west.  Thriving on dreams, west they came.  Promoted by western artists, writers and wild west shows of the time, the west continues to be glamorized by Western Artists work and  in western movies even today

     Seldom were mentioned the hardships of the climate, the isolation or the lack of conveniences seen in the populated states back East.  The West tested the courage and strength of every man, woman and child with only the strong surviving

     Western Artists Painting Drawing Sculpture :

Charles M. Russell  Famous  Western Artist 

    Western Artists of Entertainment :

Annie Oakley   Cowgirl was a Western performer with a Six Gun in Wild West Shows

Gene Autry   His Western Artist Talent was  The Phantom Empire and The Singing Cowboy

Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show  Authentic Cowboys, Indians, Buffaloes, Horses, Sharpshooters and Melodramas done by Western Artists

Phoebe Moses  Cowgirl Western Artist known as Little Miss Sure Shot Performed in Wild West Shows

Roy Rogers   Movie Star Western Artist with Dale Evans, Trigger and Gabby Hayes

     Western Writers :

Samuel Langhorne Clemens   Western Artist and Writer Lecturer and Story Teller

Horace Greeley   Western Newspaper Writer Editor

Mark Twain   Western Artist and Writer of Roughing It Primarily About the Western Life

Zane Grey   Writer of Epic Novels of The Western Frontier

Washington Irving  Western Writer of Captain Bonneville, U.S.A

    Western  Entrepreneurs :

Santa Anna

Martha Jane Canary

Elisha Ferry

Nathan Meeker

Isaac Stevens

Calamity Jane

John Sutter

Horace Tabor

     Occupations :

Army Scouts

Cattle Rustlers

General Store owner

Horse Thieves

Mule Skinners

Stagecoach Drivers

Train Robbers

     Transportation :

Concord Stagecoach


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