Concord Stagecoach Shot gun rider Stage Coach Driver              Stagecoach Drivers, Shot Gun Riders
Stagecoach Drivers Shot Gun Riders Shotgun Guard Stage Coach Driver

Stagecoach Drivers, Shotgun Guards

     Bold men with a job of getting the stagecoach to the station on time was the stagecoach driver.   Stagecoach driver Henry Monk better known as Hank was famous after rushing to get Horace Greeley to his lecture on time.   Riding by his side or on top of the coach was the shotgun guard always ready to protect the precious Wells Fargo box from outlaws

     All drivers were required to swear to the Oath of Mail Contractors and Carriers as required by law because they were in charge of carrying the U. S. mail.   Shotgun messengers were any guard that rode the box when the stagecoach was carrying valuable cargo or bullion.   Popular firearm of the guard was a sawed off double barrel shotgun

     With reins entangled in their fingers, the drivers controlled the horses with gentle but firm control.   The reins were called ribbons by the drivers through which they could talk to any of the horses.   The left hand held three pairs of reins while the right hand handled the friction brake or the whip as necessity dictated

     Another skilled stagecoach driver was Charley Parkhurst who could drink, swear and chew with the best of them but it wasn't until death did friends realize that Charley was a woman 

     Other known stagecoach drivers were Wyatt Earp, William Cody, and James Butler Hickok. In Tombstone, Morgan Earp rode shotgun for Wells Fargo from 1880 till October 1881 when he was wounded at the O. K. corral

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Stagecoach Drivers Shot Gun Riders Shotgun Guard Stage Coach Driver

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