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   You came to the right place if you are looking for a Bronze Stagecoach or other fine sculpture.

    May I introduce the Bronze Stagecoach Gallery and Lonewolf Mountain Art Studios.    I now have in various stages of completion 3 bronze Concord Stagecoaches with six horses.   There is a Stagecoach Driver and shot gun guard on top of the stage coach.   There are passengers as well.     This setting is a very intense piece which should measure approximately 12 wide by 21 long by 14 tall.   The dimensions could vary give or take an inch by the time the base is final.   The detail is intense.  The seen is high action.  

    This is a bronze stagecoach created by the lost wax casting method.  This coach has six horses and western figures running away from danger, down a bronze switch back, narrow mountain trail.  Placed on a thick shaped and polished beautiful black granite finding,  yet held upon an elaborately carved wood base.  Deep in the center of the switch back is what remains of (Geronimo's Revenge) a crashed stagecoach.

     Authentic Lost Wax Cast Bronze Stagecoach  with six horses and more

     If you are interested in a stage coach please E-mail your thoughts and I will correspond with you and keep you in mind when a piece is nearing completion.   

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    We have received requests for information from book authors, artists, historians, and many others.  We do consulting on a fee basis.   

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