Railroad Mining Ghost Town Antiques
Railroad Mining Ghost Town Antiques

         Welcome to Railroad and Mining, Ghost Town Antiques.   Our display today is a sample of what is in our antique and collector's memorabilia library.   Much of the display to come will be extensive railroad and mining collectibles with many interesting items of a broader spectrum mixed in.   Please enjoy

Today's categories include

                   Fine Antique Woodworking tool collection.

Wood Working Tools Page 1 Click Here

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Railroad, Mining and other kerosene lamps Click Here 

Railroad, Mining and other Carbide or Candle Lamps Click Here

Autographic Brownie date showing June1910 Camera Equipment Click

Look at the fine walnut spinning wheel at the Spinning Wheel Antique shop Click Here

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       We have received requests for information from book authors, artists, historians, and many others. We would be glad to entertain professional offers of exchanging consulting or services. We do consulting on a fee basis.   Please provide Your Name and Postal Address for a reply

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