Stagecoaches, Wagons and Carriages Throughout The American West  (Series) 

Volume 1: limited First Edition

Chuck Wagons: The Cowboys Horse Drawn Home 

Volume 1:  Limited First Edition Free CD Sampler  click here

       Chuck Wagons: The Cowboys Horse Drawn Home Includes the story of Charles Goodnight, Cattle Drives, Longhorn Cattle, Cowboys and the Chuck Wagons This edition is loaded with 198 old chuck wagon photographs and enlargements from the late 1800's and early 1900's.   Great Chuck Wagon history, with old photographs of chuck wagons at work when the history was being made.  

       The Master Limited Editionincludes the Companion Printed Scale drawings of the chuck wagon.   These drawings are done elegant enough for a Gallery display.   They are excellent archive materials for sculpture and painting Artists, and Model builders.

               Full size Chuck wagon dreams start here.      

   Give the Experience of the American West as a Fine Gift

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Chuck Wagons: The Cowboys Horse Drawn Home

         Master Edition includes CD + Printed Companion Drawings

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