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1.   Bronze Stage Coach Gallery  A lost wax bronze stage coach with six horses and western figures running down a mountain trail.  Placed on a thick black  shaped and polished granite finding, yet held upon an elaborately carved fine base.  The entire sculpture is created, lost wax bronze cast, carved and finished by the artist in his mountain studio.  The only exception is the granite finding which is commissioned.  In Progress.  Soon to be offered.

2.   Gold and Silver Exchange Trading gold and silver bullion at higher than market spot prices for any of the art, merchants offerings or services at Linecamp merchant shops, galleries, and classified ads.

3.   Classified Ad Pages These pages are surplus equipment or closeout merchandise from . or the merchants at this site.  The integrity of these items delivered to you is guaranteed by .

4.   Spinning Wheel Antiques specializing in rare collector's spinning wheels and elaborately carved furnishings.  You will find only the finest treasures at this shop.

5. Rocky Mountain Book Exchange sells books for the benefit of the Museum of The Great American West.    If you enjoy the American Western History Museums and would like to donate books to help support and expand its effort, an information package is available at this site.  If you would like to do research or write for this site, we would like to correspond with you.

6.   Wagon,Carriage Plans Book Shop issues periodic plans and publications that interest folks wishing to build full size or model wagons and carriages.  

7.   Railroad,Mining Ghost Town Antiques offers a gallery showing of hard to find railroad and mining town lamps and memorabilia of interest from the Old West.

8.   Friends of the United States Freedom Documents are the very foundation of freedom this country is based on.   Every American should have an understanding of these documents.  Publications and commentary are offered periodically at this site.

9.  American Western History Museums is destined to house the finest collection of history assembled on the American West.  It expands and rotates to enhance your enjoyment.  Drop by and look in the narrow window of time that has intrigued so many for so long.

Wagon, Carriage Plans Book Shop 
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Friends of  the United States Freedom Documents

Rocky Mountain Book Exchangeturnbook.gif (1625 bytes) Gold and Silver Exchange we trade our goods and services for your gold and silver coin at very good prices unless noted otherwise.     Bulletin board Service For Sale or Trade Surplus Goods and Equipment  
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